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K.A.R.S. (Kong Anti Rotation System)
A real revolution for helirescue world!
Kong is proud to present this innovative device that revolutionizes the way to make helirescue. No more anti-rotation cordolets, no more operators on the ground, maximum reliability and efficiency even in the most difficult situations.
Thanks to an ingenious electronic system able to detect the rotation of the stretcher suspended to the winch, the wing angle changes with instantaneous, rapid and precise movements, blocking immediately the rotation induced by the air flow generated by the rotors of the helicopter.
The KARS has a button for deactivate the wing, long-life rechargeable battery with charge indicator, warning lights that indicate the status of the device (hours of use, need for revision, etc...)
Equipped with quick release bracket for helirescue kit Kong mod. Everest; on request it is possible to mount it on any stretcher with a special connecting plate.
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