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Varenummer:   8C064
Vægt:   880 Gram
Lev.: 30 dage
Vejl. udsalgspris   2.217,60 DKK
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    Canyoning harness that combines the comfort of a mountaineering harness with resistance and shape necessary for caving and canyoning.
    Provided with special front attachment point that allows the fitting of a quick link to connect the chest ascender in a lower position - during the ascent phase, for each push you get 10/15 cm more.
    The quick link can be used as auxiliary attachment point, ideal for rescue maneuvers.
    Frontal sling to fix the descender avoiding the risk of loss.
    Equipped with two small lateral holes for attaching lanyard and descender.
    Four strong gear loops, made of thin tape which facilitates the passage of the carabiner avoiding the entangled, further reducing the weight.
    Extremely durable protective seat, made of coated PVC, easily removable via Velcro for maintenance, cleaning and replacement.
    4 rear slots to accommodate isolated material that allow you to fully customize the layout of the equipment, facilitating the identification.
    2 reinforced rear slots to accommodate 2 reserve quick links that can be used as additional gear holders or to hang a small emergency bag (bolts, keys, medical kit...) during the tricky exploration phases.
    Accessories: protective seat spare part # 8C9640000KK
    Successfully tested in Hymalaya in the higher canyon in the world.
    Manufactured in Italy, high quality and attention to details.

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